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Substance Use Disorder

Addiction doesn't define you

The Importance of Comprehensive Care

Wherever you are in your recovery, we can help you.

We are committed to providing addiction treatment services for anyone who is ready to break their cycle of addiction. St. Lawrence Health System will work with each individual one-on-one to evaluate their needs and goals from the start. Our team includes licensed alcohol and substance use counselors, mental health providers, and medical staff who work together to ensure a gentle transition between services and providers as they move through each stage of substance abuse treatment.  We are the only substance use disorder treatment facility within 100 miles providing a full range of addiction services with individualized, person-centered care and treatment plans for drug, alcohol, and chemical dependency.

We have two Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) providers in Potsdam, and one in Gouverneur. MATs offered include Suboxone, which can prevent opioid withdrawl symptoms and help reduce cravings to use illicit opioids; and Naltrexone injection, which is a non-addictive opioid blocker used in the treatment of opioid dependence. 

What is MAT? Addiction is a chronic disease, and through the use of MAT, we tailor medication, counseling, and other support services according to best practices and individual needs. 

You are worth it.

Inpatient Detoxification Services

Sometimes the first step is the hardest one to take. Our inpatient detoxification services at Gouverneur Hospital are here to help you safely take the important first step toward recovery.

Find out how we can help you start your recovery.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

St. Lawrence Health System’s compassionate staff create a safe, positive environment to receive medical and emotional support. Inpatient rehabilitation programs provide a structured, person-centered, individualized plan that is customized to the needs and recovery goals of each patient. We provide resources to help you learn more about what you can expect during your inpatient stay.

Intensive Outpatient Services

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides structured drug and alcohol treatment and support to patients who are learning how to establish, build, and strengthen their addiction management skills and work toward living a healthy and successful life. 

Find out more about the different types of therapy and treatment services we offer to help you live a life that is not defined by addiction. 

Outpatient Services

St. Lawrence Health System offers outpatient rehab services in Potsdam and Gouverneur for individuals who are committed to their recovery but may need help, structure, and guidance adjusting to a healthier life. Outpatient programs allow for the continuation of substance use disorder treatment, and the assurance that even as you are restoring a healthy, independent lifestyle, you have support every step of the way.

Mariam H Asar MD, FAAP
Mariam H. Asar, MD, FAAP - Potsdam NY Psychiatrist
Christopher A Dodge MS, RPA-C
Christopher A. Dodge, MS, RPA-C - Potsdam, NY Addiction Medicine Physician's Assistant - St Lawrence Health System
Amanda Hance PMHNP
Amanda Hance, PMHNP - Behavioral Health, Gouverneur
Julie Lawless LCSW, MSW
Julie Lawless, LCSW, MSW
Theresa Samways LCSW
Theresa Samways, LCSW - Behavioral Health, Gouverneur, NY
Allison Smith RPA-C
Allison Smith, RPA-C - Potsdam, NY Physician Assistant - St Lawrence Health System
Laurie J Zweifel PhD
Laurie Zweifel, PhD