Effective 12-8-23: Due to Flu Season, all SLH Hospital Visitors must be 12 years of age or older; 2 visitors are permitted to a room.
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Cost Estimates and Rates

Cost Estimates

To view real-time estimates of your planned treatment, visit the Guest Estimates site. 

You will then be guided through the estimate process, and will be prompted to provide your general insurance information. The estimate is based on the information provided at the time of the request and is not a guarantee of final out-of-pocket costs.

For assistance or further information, contact Financial Services at (315) 262-8557, or [email protected]

Hospital and Professional Rates

Charge Master:  Price File displays hospital-based clinical descriptions, which may not be easily interpreted by non-clinical readers. Please note these files are intended to be machine readable. 

Charges represent only standard charges; charges do NOT represent a quote or guarantee of actual charges. Care and associated costs are unique to each patient's visit (for example: length of stay, laboratory tests, pharmaceuticals, etc); although some charges for care are standardized, each patient's payment responsibility may vary depending on negotiated discounts with individual insurers. Contact Patient Financial Services at (315) 261-5150 with specific questions.

Health care pricing can be complicated, St. Lawrence Health will help you understand your anticipated fees. We will be happy to provide you with our average pricing for your medical procedures. Pricing may vary based on your particular health conditions, severity of illness, and other necessary procedures associated with your care. New York State requires that your insurance company work with you to outline your policy provisions. We cannot advise you on what your specific insurance policy may or may not cover until your claim has been processed.