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Clinical Research

A Comprehensive Clinical and Rural Health Research Department

It is our mission to connect members of the North Country to innovative and modern medical treatment options in a safe and trusted way, while also contributing to the scientific community through a rural health lens. 

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Our Clinical Research Types

Through the promotion of clinical research involvement, education, and compliance, we deliver the highest quality of research in industry, investigator-initiated, rural health, and patient-centered outcomes research. It is our pleasure to contribute both to science and the future of our patients and community.

SLH Rheumatologist, and Medical Director of Clinical and Rural Health Research Eyal Kedar, MD, was recently recognized by The Journal of the American Medical Association as a contributing author of an ACTIV-1 manuscript

Industry Research

Through partnerships with pharmaceutical and device companies, St. Lawrence Health proudly offers our patients, families, and providers opportunities to take part in a variety of national and international clinical studies of new and existing medications and treatment options.

Investigator-Initiated Research

Many of our staff like to continue pursuing scientific interests outside of their everyday clinical practice, and our research department supports these providers. Their projects include publishing interesting case reports as well as developing their retrospective/prospective observational studies. 

Rural Health Research

Situated uniquely in the North County, it is an honor to help investigators develop internal studies to better understand our patient population. These insights help us address the unique challenges faced by health systems in rural areas through various types of methods and analyses, including machine learning algorithms and data mining.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)

St. Lawrence Health’s Clinical Research Department was awarded $216,359 in funding through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) to train providers, clinical staff, and patients. Specifically, the program aims to provide education on identifying and addressing questions and outcome measures to patients and the community, while ensuring the inclusion of our patients’ voices in research question formulation, research design, implementation, and results sharing.

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Current Clinical Trials

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