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Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Exceptional Care for an Active Life

Personalized Orthopaedic Care

One-size orthopaedic care does not fit all – whether you are a college athlete, an active senior, or someone who does manual, repetitive work, St. Lawrence Health tailors your treatment to your life, your health, and your goals. Our team of specially trained surgeons, doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and therapists work to restore your mobility, increase your vitality, and help you return to an active and pain-free life.

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Northern New York Orthopaedic Services

Whether a problem with joints, bones, muscles, and tendons keeps you from peak performance, or just keeps you from lifting your grandchildren, our team of orthopaedic and sports medicine specialists can help. 

Our surgeons are skilled in evaluating and treating a wide range of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, including specialists in hand and pediatric orthopaedic surgery. Consultations with specialists in pain medicine, podiatry, and rehabilitation medicine are also available as part of the team approach to keeping you in the game.


Healthy feet are essential to living an active, mobile life. The human foot is complex: it contains twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, and over one hundred muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Podiatrists specialize in treating all medical and surgical issues regarding the feet. 

The orthopaedic practice works closely with St. Lawrence Health's podiatrists to provide patients with high-quality podiatric care. To schedule a podiatric appointment, please call (315) 274-9790.

Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine team specializes in helping patients return to an active life as quickly as possible. While we work with athletes, as our specialty suggests, we also treat a wide variety of patients of all ages and athletic abilities.

We specialize in joint repair for both knee and shoulder injuries and work closely with physical therapy providers and other members of our team to deliver the highest quality orthopaedic care. We always keep our patients’ lifestyle goals in mind as we work to restore your function and mobility and get you on your feet as soon as possible. 


Physiatry, also called physical medicine and rehabilitation, is a branch of medicine focused on restoring functionality to people with disabilities and/or injuries related to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Our physiatrist works closely with the orthopaedic practices and collaborates with our physical therapy providers to ensure patients receive comprehensive rehabilitation services. 

When to See an Orthopaedic Provider

You should see your provider if you have any of these symptoms/issues:

  • Your injury is preventing you from completing daily activities 
  • You are experiencing pain that has not lessened over several days
  • You have swelling or bruising around a joint
  • You do not have a normal range of motion
  • Your pain is worse at night
  • You show signs of infection like fever, redness, or inflammation

If you have a serious injury, go to the emergency room immediately. 

Learn More About Our Approach to Orthopaedics 

Frequently Asked Orthopaedic Questions

Orthopaedic treatment, particularly orthopaedic surgery, can be daunting. Your doctor will provide you with specific information regarding your diagnosis, procedure, recovery time, and pain management.

Orthopaedic Conditions

Numerous orthopaedic conditions affect your musculoskeletal system. The topics below explore injuries, their symptoms, and the expert treatments you can expect from St. Lawrence Health.

Orthopaedic Treatments

Orthopaedic treatments vary greatly based on the severity of an injury or conditions: some patients can be treated with rest, pain management, or physical therapy; others may require surgery that entails joint replacement or joint repair.

St. Lawrence Health’s orthopaedic team provides our patients with a comprehensive range of orthopaedic treatments. Our modern facility and equipment, including a portable x-ray machine that assists with guided injections, allow us to deliver the leading-edge treatments that help our patients restore mobility and return to an active life. 

Our Orthopaedic Locations

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