St. Lawrence Health

Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Senior Leaders

See below to meet the St. Lawrence Health (SLH), Canton-Potsdam Hospital (CPH), Gouverneur Hospital (GH), and Massena Hospital (MH) Senior Leaders.

  • Lyndon Allen, SLH VP of Information Systems

    Lyndon Allen

    SLH Chief Information Officer

  • David Bender, MH President, SLH Sr. VP of Strategic Planning

    David Bender

    SLH VP of Strategy and Integration

  • Brent Bishop, SLH VP of Business Development

    Brent Bishop

    MH Associate Chief Operating Officer/SLH VP of Business Development

  • Alexander Bryden, GH and MH Director of Financial Operations

    Alexander Bryden

    GH and MH Director of Financial Operations

  • Kelly Cicchinelli, SLH Controller

    Kelly Cicchinelli

    SLH VP of Finance

  • Joann Ellis, MH Human Resources Director/Safety Officer

    Joann Ellis

    MH Human Resources Operations Manager

  • Christina Latta, GH VP of Nursing

    Christina Latta

    GH VP of Nursing

  • Lisa Oldham, SLH Chief Nursing Officer

    Lisa Lougheed

    SLH Chief Nursing Officer/Quality

  • Lori-Anne McCormick, GH Human Resources Site Leader

    Lori-Anne McCormick

    GH Human Resources Operations Manager

  • Donna McGregor, SLH Sr. VP of Finance

    Donna McGregor

    SLH Regional President

  • Robert Rogers, MD, SLH Chief Medical Officer

    Robert Rogers, MD

    SLH Chief Medical Officer

  • Michael Rulffes

    SLH and CPH Chief Operating Officer

  • Katherine Schleider, SLH Sr. VP of Operations

    Katherine Schleider

    GH Interim Associate Chief Operating Officer/SVP Special Projects

  • Julie Smithers

    MH VP of Nursing

  • Andrew Williams, MD

    SLH Associate Chief Medical Officer