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Pediatrics and Children's Health

Our Team of Pediatricians

The St. Lawrence Health System team of experienced pediatricians and certified pediatric specialists  are devoted to providing quality children's health care, and offering guidance to help your kids live their healthiest life right from the start. Our pediatricians provide care for growing patients, from birth to their school-age years, through adolescence, and into early adulthood. Our strong network of service providers ensures access to the highest quality physical, mental, and emotional health services can be found close to home.

How we care for your child

  • Wellness visits
  • Annual physical exams
  • Measure milestones in growth, behavior, and skills
  • Annual sports physicals
  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnosis of children injury, illnesses, and infections
  • Provide health advice, specifically for younger ages
  • Provide information about your child's nutrition and fitness needs

Your role in a child's health

We appreciate family involvement in the diagnosis and treatment of every child. Our pediatricians recognize that family members play an important role in a child's health. Family members contribute important information that helps to create a treatment plan specific to the child's needs and also ensures that the suggested treatment plan is properly implemented. Our pediatric offices support a collaborative, patient-centered care model and we encourage family members to actively participate in the child's health plan.

Scheduling an appointment

We have office locations in Canton and Potsdam. Our dedicated team will schedule appointments with your convenience in mind. Whether your child has an earache, a fever, or a more serious health concern, our pediatricians provide primary care and can refer you to additional services or specialists if necessary.

Potsdam Pediatrics
190 Outer Main Street
(315) 265-9271
M-F, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Canton Pediatrics
E.J. Noble Professional Building
80 East Main Street
(315) 261-5615
M-F, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Health Care for growing families

If you are pregnant or planning for a family, we can help. Our obstetricians and gynecologists can guide you through your pregnancy, and our compassionate midwives and doctors at Canton-Potsdam Hospital's Birthplace will help bring your new family member into a safe, and nurturing environment.

Heather G Jones MD
Heather Jones, MD - Potsdam, NY Pediatrician - St Lawrence Health System
Peter P Rajtar MD
Peter Rajtar, MD - Potsdam, NY Pediatrician - St Lawrence Health System
Donald Schuessler MD
Donald Schuessler, MD - Pediatrics, Gouverneur, NY
Kathleen Terrence MD
Kathleen Terrence, MD - Canton, NY Pediatrician - St Lawrence Health System
Syed Wali MD
Syed Wali, MD - Potsdam, NY - Pediatrician - St Lawrence Health System