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Primary Care

All-Inclusive Care for the Whole Family

St. Lawrence Health is committed to providing patients of all ages with excellent, personalized care across St. Lawrence County, including Canton, Potsdam, Massena, and Gouverneur, NY. By using a primary care provider affiliated with a health and hospital system, you ensure you will be able to work with providers through a full continuum of care, from routine checkups to specialized visits, with personalized measures put in place to keep you and your family safe and healthy.

The Importance of a Primary Care Provider

Having a dedicated primary care provider allows you to get consistent care from a professional who understands your medical history. Because a primary care provider is familiar with your medical needs, abnormalities will be caught more quickly, allowing for more efficient treatment. Primary care and checkups allow you to undergo routine appointments to monitor your risk for heart disease, cancers, stroke, and other critical ailments.

Review Your Patient-Centered Medical Home brochure.

Primary Care and Your Stage in Life

You and Your Family

By working with an all-ages medical practice, you will be able to coordinate top-of-the-line medical care for each member of your family without worrying about keeping track of records and coordinating appointments across several different offices. St. Lawrence Health offers primary care services for the whole family in locations across the county, including Canton, Gouverneur, Massena, and Potsdam, to best meet your needs and schedule.

Pediatric Care

As a parent, your top priority is going to be making sure your children get the best quality medical care available to keep them safe and healthy. From initial appointments after your child is born, to wellness visits, sports physicals, and college physicals, our doctors will be able to monitor your child’s health and growth throughout their youth and adolescence in Canton, Massena, and Potsdam. Our pediatricians are available five days a week, with extended hours to best fit your busy schedule.

Geriatric Primary Care

St. Lawrence Health serves patients of all ages, including the elderly. Our providers, nurses, and specialists will be able to administer personalized care for elderly and geriatric patients, including holistic care, wellness visits, preventative care, and the management of chronic diseases and conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Primary Care Practice Locations

EJ Noble Building
80 East Main Street, Canton

Gouverneur Hospital
CPH Specialty Practices, 77 West Barney Street, Gouverneur

Helen Snell Cheel Medical Campus, with Urgent Care
49 Lawrence Avenue, Potsdam

MH Medical Building
181 Maple Street, Massena

Health Center Locations

Brasher Falls Primary Care
899 NY 11C, Brasher Falls

Colton Primary Care
8 Gulf Road, Colton

DeKalb Junction Health Center
2924 County Route 17, DeKalb Junction

Edwards Health Center
8 Church Street, Edwards

Louisville Family Healthy Center
10 State Highway 37B, Massena

Norfolk Primary Care
35 West Main Street, Nofolk

Bernadette Avila PA
Bernadette Avila, PA
Vineet Bansal MD
Vineet Bansal, MD - Potsdam, NY Primary Care Physician - St Lawrence Health
Gary R Berk MD
Gary R. Berk, MD - Potsdam, NY Primary Care Physician - St Lawrence Health
Florence C Bero MD
Florence C. Bero, MD - Canton, NY Primary Care Physician - St Lawrence Health
Flos Carmeli I Brown MD
Flos Carmeli I. Brown, MD
John Burnett MD
John Burnett, MD
Ernie Cougler NP
Ernie Couglar, FNP   Emergency Care, Gouverneur
Katherine Daigneault PA
Katherine Daigneault, PA
Nimesh Desai MD
Nimesh Desai, MD
Krista Francis NP
Krista Francis, NP
Ashley Grimshaw MD
Ashley Grimshaw, MD - Potsdam, NY Primary Care Physician - St Lawrence Health
Payam Hadian MD
Payam Hadian, MD
Gregory J Healey MD
Gregory J. Healey, MD - Canton, NY Primary Care Physician - St Lawrence Health
Jayant Jhaveri MD
Jayant Jhaveri, MD
Alicia Jones PA
Alicia Jones, PA - Colton, NY Primary Care Physician's Assistant - St Lawrence Health
Brian R Kerrigan DO
Brian R. Kerrigan, DO
Lawrence I Kring MD
Lawrence Kring, MD
Kimberly McKenney MD
Kimberly McKenney, MD
Thushan Pathmalingam MD
Thushan Pathmalingam, MD
Matthew Prionas MD
Matthew Prionas
Thivisa Rajagopal MD
Thivisa Rajagopal, MD
Edward Reason DO
Edward Reason, DO - Internal Medicine, Gouverneur, NY
Robert T Rogers, II MD
Robert T. Rogers, II, MD
Joseph P Salamy PA
Joseph P. Salamy, PA
Mallory Sprague MD
Mallory Sprague, MD
Alecia A VanWagner DO
Alecia A. VanWagner, DO
Wendy A Wais FNP-C
Wendy A. Wais, FNP-C - Norfolk and Potsdam, NY Family Nurse Practitioner - St Lawrence Health
John L Welborn NP
John Welborn, NP - Primary Care, Edwards, NY
Dawn M White PA
Dawn White, PA-C - Potsdam, NY Physician Assistant - St Lawrence Health
Andrew Williams MD, FACP
Andrew Williams, MD, FACP
Myo Su Win MD
Myo Su Win, MD
Emily Wood MD
Emily Wood, MD