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Pain Management

Orthopedic conditions can be painful. Your doctor will determine the best way to reduce your pain while you heal. Each patient’s pain management program is unique to their condition, and doctors may use a combination of medicines and therapies. 

Many options exist for dealing with acute (sudden) and chronic pain. Our pain medicine specialists work with you and your primary care provider as well as other specialists, such as specialists in physical and rehabilitative medicine, oncology, and rheumatology to diagnose and treat a wide range of painful conditions. Surgical options include nerve blocks or implantable devices. Non-surgical options may include medicine, integrative/complementary therapies, such as yoga and acupuncture, or physical therapy. Combinations of surgical, medical, integrative/complementary, and physical therapies may be recommended. Talk with your primary care practitioner about a referral to pain medicine or call us directly for more information.

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David Abbatematteo MD
David Abbatematteo, MD