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Quality Sleep in the North Country

Quality Sleep in the North Country

A good night’s sleep is the foundation for a healthy life. Unfortunately, many people struggle with getting quality rest because of underlying conditions, which can lead to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. St. Lawrence Health offers the only Sleep Medicine centers in the North Country led by a physician who is board-certified in sleep medicine.

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Sleep Medicine Services

Shift-work disorders, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy are just a few of the disorders that interfere with work productivity, career advancement, studies, and family/social obligations. The Sleep Medicine Centers through St. Lawrence Health can help.

Our sleep services include:

  • Home sleep studies
  • Insomnia programs
  • Sleep apnea, snoring, and obesity
  • Sleep studies

Following your sleep consultation, your provider will carefully create a personalized treatment plan focused on helping you sleep better. 

What to Expect

Upon your referral to a Sleep Medicine Center, your first visit will involve diagnostic testing, with a second night-time visit scheduled for adjustments to your personalized treatment (such as CPAP titration), if needed. 

Your sleep consultation will include your sleep history, which is quite different from the medical history you may have given primary care providers or surgeons in the past. It involves your sleep habits, circadian rhythms, environmental factors (information about your bed partner(s), your bedroom), and what you eat and drink regularly. You may also be asked about your emotional background (the thoughts that intrude during the night), and any daytime performance issues you may be experiencing. Taking this thorough sleep history helps your provider make the best recommendations to meet your needs.

We ask that you please arrive at the Sleep Medicine Center in the evening. You will be discharged early the next morning. We also offer home-based studies–please ask your provider if you are interested.

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