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Pharmacy Services

The Pharmacy departments at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, and Massena Hospital provide a wide range of pharmacy services to our patients. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Procurement of pharmaceuticals and maintaining a safe and effective system for medication dispensing
  • Review and intervention to prevent drug-related problems, including drug allergies. and drug-to-drug interactions
  • Verification of appropriate drug, dose, form, frequency, and duration of therapy
  • Answering drug information questions from the medical and nursing staff
  • Working collaboratively with the medical team to optimize and individualize pharmaceutical care plans

Many of our pharmacists have expanded credentials including doctorate degrees, board certifications, and residency certifications.

Prescription Safety 

Safety is the top priority at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, and Massena Hospital pharmacies, where we utilize the latest innovations and technology to meet these goals. The pharmacy staff members:

  • Monitor patients individually and optimize drug therapies
  • Utilize automated dispensing machines which interface with our hospitals' computer systems for improved safety
  • Utilize bar code technology to stock our automated dispensing machines to verify the appropriateness of correct medication when restocking and filling these machines, which are located in all of our treatment areas
  • Routinely monitor clean rooms for all sterile compounding of medications that verify safety and sterility with the production of intravenous medications

All three hospital pharmacies have expanded services that include the preparation of hazardous and non-hazardous medications, medication therapy management, and medication counseling upon hospital discharge.

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