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Patient Relations

Patient Compliments and Complaints

As a partner in your or your loved one's care, you are encouraged to speak up. We love to hear the good, and we really need to hear the bad, too, as we are committed to continuous improvement.

You may address concerns directly with your health care team, and/or by calling one of the numbers below. Our patients are randomly surveyed by mail through an independent third party, Research Corporation. By law, surveys include the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Providers and Health care Systems, a set of questions proven to provide reliable and valid measures of a patient's experience of his or her care. We use these measures continuously to educate staff, develop initiatives, and guide everything from facilities design, to infection prevention, to meal preparation - all aspects of what we do every day that impact the outcome of care.

Patient Relations Contact Information

It is your right to contact a regulatory agency; before you do that, please give us the opportunity to address your concerns with you.

Patient complaints or compliments: (315) 261-6005

Confidential compliance hotline: 1(877) 647-6725

Regulatory Agency Contacts:
USDHHS (OIG) 1(800) 447-8477 (Fraud and abuse)
NYSDOH 1(800) 804-5447 (For complaints about hospital care)
DNV (Accrediting Organization) 1(866) 523-6842

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