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Patient Portals

St. Lawrence Health System patients are encouraged to use the Patient Portals to access their personal health information.

Inpatient/ED Patient Portal Access

Upon registering at the hospital, you may ask your patient representative to register you for easy access to the HIXNY Patient Portal. Then, follow the link below for access to available inpatient or Emergency Department (ED) visit records; you will be prompted to enter the unique log-in ID you received upon registration:  

(Please Note: Effective Monday, June 3, 2019, the MyHealthOnline patient portal is no longer activated. To gain access to your information previously available on MyHealthOnline, you will need a new HIXNY Patient Portal account, and the Registration staff is equipped to assist you upon your next visit to the hospital.)

If you are not scheduled for a test or procedure, please visit the Medical Records office on the 2nd floor at Canton-Potsdam Hospital for assistance. To establish a new HIXNY Patient Portal account you will need to present a valid ID; this process ensures the protection of your private medical records.

Clinic Patient Portal Access

St. Lawrence Health System further offers the Healow Clinic Patient Portal. This portal provides access to patient information such as history, lab results, and important provider/patient communications.

To access your Clinic Patient Portal information, you must first create an account through your current provider’s office. Once your account is created, you may access your account by selecting your specific provider from the list below. You will then be taken to the portal page where you can log in to review your personal information.

Canton-Potsdam Hospital and Gouverneur Hospital comply with all applicable federal and state statutes and regulations regarding the handling of private health information. Records will be released in accordance with these statutes and regulations.