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View our video to learn about being part of high-performance health care through the St. Lawrence Health, the parent corporation of Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, and Massena Hospital.

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Search and Apply - View all our available positions and apply online; you may be a perfect for our team.

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It's not just a job

Read what our nurses have to say about their careers with St. Lawrence Health. 

St. Lawrence Health also offers an array of volunteer, shadowing, and intern opportunities.


Nursing School

Through Rochester Regional Health, St. Lawrence Health has an extension site of the Isabella Graham Hart School of Practical Nursing.

Classes and Training are held in Old Snell Hall, Elm Street, Potsdam. 


Our Residency Programs

Pharmacy Residency training at Canton-Potsdam Hospital will prepare today’s pharmacists for the complexities of tomorrow’s patients. The PGY-1 pharmacy residency is a 12-month program designed to engage pharmacists in a clinically diverse environment.


St. Lawrence Health offers its new-to-practice nurses the opportunity to register for the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program, which was developed with rural organizations in mind. Based on best practices and the latest research, the Nurse Residency Program’s one year curriculum addresses competencies that are weak or lacking in new nurse graduates. 

Standards of Behavior

All employees, physicians, volunteers and Board Members agree to abide by our Standards of Behavior as a condition of affiliation with our hospitals and practices. The Standards are incorporated into everything we do:

Sense of Ownership/Accountability - As a representative, we are dedicated and loyal to our Mission and Vision and all it encompasses. We realize that our work is a reflection of who we are as people and professionals and we are proud of our image within the community. We strive daily to make our environment a better place for our patients to receive care, our employees to work, and our physicians to practice. 

Responsiveness - We realize time is very valuable. We strive to provide everyone with prompt service. We are committed to meet or exceed their expectations.

Appearance: We are proud of our personal appearance as well as the appearance of our facility. Our appearance reflects our respect for and willingness to serve our patients and customers. We are conveying an image of professionalism.

Attitude/Courtesy: We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and striving to exceed our customers' expectations. Our customers will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. Our patients are the reason we are here. Positive attitudes are contagious.

Privacy/Confidentiality: We work together to ensure everyone's right to privacy and confidentiality. We maintain a secure and trusting environment at all times. We are respectful of everyone's privacy.

Safety Awareness: It is our responsibility to be knowledgeable and prepared to respond to emergency situations as they arise. We are responsible to maintain a safe and accident-free environment. We are thinking and working safe.

Etiquette: Good communication is a key component of positive customer service. We are committed to making a favorable first impression. We are communicating respectfully, clearly and effectively.

Commitment to our Patients: As representatives, we are linked to one another with a common purpose of doing worthwhile work and making a difference. Regardless of our role within the organization, we work as a team. We say "yes" more than "no" and "we" more than "I." We are holding each other accountable in a respectful manner to demonstrate our commitments to one another. 


Integrity - Guiding Our Actions by Ethical Commitments

  • Consistently acts in the best interests of our patients, their families, our hospital and our community
  • Follows through on commitments, holding self and others accountable for actions and outcomes
  • Speaks up and takes positive action when something seems wrong, inappropriate or inconsistent with our values or standards
  • Consistently acts with openness, honesty, transparency and trustworthiness in communication
  • At all times respects the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of others

Respect - Recognizing and Responding to the Value of Others

  • Demonstrates respect for the personal autonomy, intrinsic dignity and worth, and individual uniqueness of each person we serve
  • Treats others in a manner that elicits mutual trust, understanding and partnership toward success
  • Values diversity of personal experience, cultural insights and perspectives, professional identity and training in achieving collaborative goals
  • Demonstrates consideration of others with regard for the feelings and needs of others and an awareness of the effect of one's own behavior on them
  • Seeks out opportunities to demonstrate regard and appreciation for others

Compassion - Providing Excellent Care with Kindness

  • Identifies with others, acting with thoughtfulness in anticipation of their needs
  • Consistently approaches others with respect, dignity, courtesy and warmth
  • Actively listens to the needs of others, and in understanding these needs acts promptly to address them
  • Acknowledges others by name, with eye contact and a smile
  • Maintains a focused and personal presence when engaged in service to others

Professional - Acting with Mature Insight, Sound Judgment and High Standards

  • In appearance, demeanor and deportment conveys a professional image in interaction with others
  • Brings the highest professional standards of ethics, knowledge, skill and competence to bear in decision-making and work performance
  • Approaches workplace challenges in a manner that reflects professional maturity, confidence and respectfulness
  • Understands and embraces the core professional identity as one whose talents are placed in the service of others for their benefit
  • Preserves the safety, security and confidentiality of private, protected information in all professional contexts

Excellence - Commitment to Quality, Innovation and Continuous Improvement

  • Continually challenges the status quo in pursuit of bettering our best
  • Utilizes data and measurement to benchmark processes and outcomes
  • Embraces evidence-based practices as minimal standards of practice
  • Demonstrates a personal commitment to deliver excellence in safety, quality and service
  • Understands accreditation, regulatory and stakeholder expectations and exceeds them
  • Embraces change in the continuous pursuit of innovation and superior care