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Pavilion Progress in Pictures Winter 2023-24

The Regional Care Pavilion groundbreaking was held in June 2022. See the progress between January and March 2023.

Winter 2023

The below photos are posted with the most recent at the top.

... and a view from the ground a couple days later on April 4, 2023.


Construction progresses quickly. A view from the Hospital rooftop on March 31, 2023 ...

 oxygen tanks

The new O2 tank, reserve tank, and three vaporizers are brought onsite and installed in one day. (3-28-23)


Crushed stone is being placed in preparation for the new north parking lot work to begin this summer. (3-17-23)

worker 3-8-23
A construction crew members works on the outer framework while be hoisted up. (3-8-23)

 O2 Prep 3-3-23
Work is being done below and above ground in preparation for the new oxygen lines and tanks. (3-3-23)

Beam Ceremony Collection
The Beam Signing Ceremony was held on Monday, February 27, 2023 just steps away from the Regional Care Pavilion construction site.

welder 2-24-23
A welder's torch burns bright on a bitterly cold day. (2/24/23)


A view from above moments before the snow started coming down. (2-21-23)

The previous main entrance is looking quite different. (2-8-23)

Blue skies make work easier on a cold January day. (1-31-23)

January 24, 2023
(Top two photos) Concrete is being poured, and excavation work continues around the area of the previous main entrance. (Bottom two photos) Progress is steadily being made on the erection of structural steel.  (1-24-23)

Crews make impressive progress. (1/19/23)

Within 24-hours of the crane's arrival, steel columns were being put in place. (1/17/23)

A crane arrived on-site Monday, January 16, 2023 and immediately went to work.