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SLHS Provides County-Wide OB/GYN Services

November 9, 2020           Media Contact: Pam Klosowski

SLHS Provides County-Wide OB/GYN Services

[St. Lawrence Health System Obstetrics and Gynecology Chair Mazin Abdullah, MD, reviews the ultrasound of a baby with Ultrasound Technologist Laura Suraf.]

POTSDAM, NY – Women’s Health Services provided through St. Lawrence Health System offers care for the expectant mother throughout the pregnancy and delivery of her child; and can assist all women with matters ranging from their annual exams, to chronic female concerns, to surgery.

The highly skilled and experienced Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) teams at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, Gouverneur Hospital, and Massena Hospital have made themselves accessible to women throughout the county with offices in four locations:

  • E. J. Noble Professional Building, 80 East Main Street, Canton
  • Gouverneur Hospital, 77 West Barney Street, Gouverneur
  • Helen Snell Cheel Medical Campus, 49 Lawrence Avenue, Potsdam
  • Casey Medical Office Building, 15 Hospital Drive, Massena

“Your care is local – that is the objective of St. Lawrence Health System. We want our patients to have great care no matter which location they choose,” stated St. Lawrence Health System Obstetrics and Gynecology Chair Mazin Abdullah, MD.

When an expectant mother is ready to have her child, the Birthplace offers six delivery rooms, which are actually mini-suites. The patient is brought into a room where she will be in labor, deliver her child, and remain with her child until discharged home.

“The baby stays with mom,” Dr. Abdullah said. The suite further provides a place for the mother’s partner to sleep and shower during her stay. The new family receives education from the nursing staff on such topics as breast feeding, diaper changing, and caring for their new infant. Before going home, we ensure the newborn has his/her first pediatric appointment scheduled.

The Birthplace also has all the correct protocols and procedures in place to ensure both non-COVID, and COVID-positive mothers will be safe.

The gynecological side of Women’s Health offers annual exams; contraceptive, and fertility services; and treatment for fibroids, pelvic pain, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Obstetrician/Gynecologist Richard Summermatter, MD, FACOG, stated women should have their first gynecological exam no later than the age of 21, and is an essential part of basic health and wellness.

“Barbara and myself continue to deliver excellent gynecological and obstetrical services to women of Massena and surrounding areas,” Dr. Summermatter said of himself and Certified Nurse Midwife Barbara Drake Hillis.  “We deliver full gynecological services, and follow obstetrics patients throughout their pregnancy. 

“Barb and I offer in-office, routine non-stress tests for expectant mothers, and we are included in the OB rotation for deliveries at Canton-Potsdam Hospital,” he added. “We also provide minimally invasive gynecological surgeries for women.”

In addition to Dr. Abdullah and Dr. Summermatter, St. Lawrence Health System’s highly skilled and experienced OB/GYN team is comprised of John Batich, MD; Laurie Brown, NP; Peter Dargie, MD; Tatiana DiCoby, DO; Barbara Drake Hillis, CNM; Megan Gagner, CNM; Laurie Mousaw, CNM; Eleazar O’Garro, DO; Noelle Polniak, NP; and Tara Swinwood, NP. Together, our Medical Doctors have combined medical experience totaling 151 years, our Certified Nurse Midwives have 42 years of experience, and our Nurse Practitioners have 67 years of experience.

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