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Common Questions and Concerns

Orthopedic treatment, particularly orthopedic surgery, can be daunting. Your doctor will provide you with specific information regarding your diagnosis, procedure, recovery time, and pain management.

Many patients have these questions:

girl doing physical therapy
I’m getting surgery. How long will it take me to recover?

Your recovery time will depend on the nature of your injury or condition, your age, and the effort you put in to physical therapy. While the initial recovery phase for many operations takes approximately 6 weeks, it may take up to a year for you to fully regain your strength. 

woman gardening
Will I be able to resume my daily activities?

Our goal is to return our patients to their previous level of activity, pain free. While it may take time for you to recover, we will do our best to restore you to full functionality so you can work, live, and play without pain. 

man swimming
I’m getting a joint replaced. Will I still be able to be active after I recover?

You will likely be able to resume most of your usual activities. Your doctor may suggest that you avoid contact sports, such as running, after a knee or hip replacement.

woman doing physical therapy
Will I need physical therapy?

Physical therapy can be very effective in treating certain orthopedic conditions. Your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist either within the St. Lawrence Health System or at a location that is convenient for you.