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Hospitalist Program

Specialist care for those who need hospitalization

Hospitalists are members of the medical staff who specialize in the higher level of care required for hospitalized patients. For this reason, they are sometimes called 'intensivists.' While in the hospital, you may see a hospitalist if your primary care practitioner has chosen this option for you.

The hospitalist team, which also consists of nursing professionals, case managers, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals, will develop a customized care plan. The hospitalist in charge of your care will be in constant communication with your primary care practitioner.

Hospitalist programs are common across the nation: they provide a specialist level of care in the hospital, and allow primary care practitioners to maintain office hours to see patients at the primary care level. If you have questions about the Hospitalist Program, contact Linda Donovan, Hospitalist Program Administrative Coordinator, at (315) 261-5506.