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Gouverneur Hospital Has First Nurse Resident

April 26, 2021

GOUVERNEUR, NY – A Nurse Residency Program was started through St. Lawrence Health System (SLHS) in late 2020, and the first registered nurse to enroll at Gouverneur Hospital is looking forward to the year ahead.

Kylie Currier, RN, graduated from nursing school in May 2020, became part of the Gouverneur Hospital medical team, and is now continuing with her education through the nursing program provided by SLHS through the Iowa Online Nurse Residency Program.

The Nurse Residency Program is available for new-to-practice nurses to close the gap between nursing school and work. A main component of the program is communication, as different approaches are required when speaking with patients and their families, peer nurses, staff, or providers.

[Kylie Currier, RN, (background) is the first registered nurse at Gouverneur Hospital to enter the hospital’s new Nurse Residency Program. She prepares a patient’s medication as her mentor Holly Aschenbrenner, RN, observes.]

During the year-long program, Ms. Currier will work closely with Interim Nurse Manager Carrie Foster, RN; and Online Nurse Residency Program Manager Nicole Weathers, RN, from the University of Iowa College Of Nursing. The local participant will also have virtual interaction with other new nurses enrolled in the program from around the country. Ms. Foster noted this is a fantastic program for new nurses.

“We will be teaching real-time skills and procedures, reviewing policies and patient care, and opening up a world of resources to our nurse residents,” Ms. Foster said. “This is an amazing opportunity for not only the nurses in the program, but all the other nurses and ancillary staff working with them.

“I work very closely with Kylie when she is on the Medical-Surgical Unit to make sure everything is going well, and so she gains the information she needs to be a successful nurse,” she added.

During Ms. Currier’s first month as a resident, she commented on how helpful it is to have the other nurse residents to turn to from around the country.

“It’s amazing to have access to other newly graduated nurses who I can turn to with questions, and to learn from their experiences,” she said. “This program is great for new nurses because it allows you to receive in-person guidance here at Gouverneur Hospital, as well as from those outside the Hospital who are going through the same program.”

The program is divided up into seven segments:

  • The first month focuses on Foundations for transitioning from being a student to a professional, and applying critical thinking
  • The second month is about Communication and Teamwork with providers and the health care team, and learning effective conflict management
  • The third month focuses on Managing Patient Care with time management, prioritization, and delegation
  • Months four and five are about Safe, Patient-Centered Care
  • The sixth month focuses on Bringing Value to Healthcare
  • Months seven through twelve are about Incorporating Evidence into Practice

In order to be eligible to take part in the Nurse Residency Program, nurses must be employed through St. Lawrence Health System, and have graduated from nursing school within the past year. More information may be found at