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Baez Joins CPH Pain Management Team

June 11, 2021 

POTSDAM, NY – Ricardo Baez, PA, has joined the Pain Management team with St. Lawrence Health’s Canton-Potsdam Hospital. His office is located at the Helen Snell Cheel Medical Campus, 49 Lawrence Avenue, Potsdam.

Mr. Baez earned his degree through the CUNY Harlem Hospital Physician Assistant Program, New York, NY. He is certified in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, and Basic Cardiac Life Support.

He comes to Canton-Potsdam Hospital with experience in treating pain management patients, and employs a full range of modalities which include medical and procedural management of chronic pain.

As a Pain Management Physician Assistant, Mr. Baez examines his patients to determine the cause of their discomfort, and develop a treatment plan to minimize the effects of the pain that allows them to resume as much regular activity as possible. Laboratory or imaging studies may be recommended to further evaluate the cause of a patient’s pain. He may order physical or occupational therapy for his patients who have ongoing discomfort, weakness, deconditioning, and other factors that contribute to their pain. Ultrasound-guided trigger point injections, the use of TENS stimulators, and other alternative methodologies may be recommended.

Mr. Baez noted he is excited about working with St. Lawrence Health, and was drawn to the community in part by the commitment and compassion displayed by Lai Kuang, MD, whom he will be working alongside.

“During my interviewing process, I was given the opportunity to see Dr. Kuang perform three Interventional pain procedures. While observing the interventions, I embraced his passion for medicine, care, and concern for his patients, and his gentle demeanor towards his staff. I immediately identified with these attributes, as they are my signature approach in helping pain management patients,” Mr. Baez said.

He has also observed how members of the Potsdam community are welcoming, inviting, and accommodating.

“I have a strong commitment to community,” Mr. Baez said. “I learned from my mother that those around us help to create community, and it’s that community which assists us during times of need or crises.

“Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have witnessed how all first responders, among diverse industries of employment, united to overcome the debilitating occurrences they faced. The events over the past year have inspired me to become one of the people whose training and abilities may be utilized in the future,” he added.

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