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Alert: Closures and Visitor Restrictions In Place

Gratitude Messages

As the messages appeared, newest to oldest.

"Thank you Healthcare Heroes, you’re the best."

"Thank you for EVERYTHING... for keeping our friends and neighbors healthy during this time. Stay well. We really appreciate it."

“EVERY Essential worker! Please know you are appreciated and loved!!”

"Thank you doctors and nurses for putting yourself at risk to keep us safe".

"Thank You Healthcare Workers - Thank you to everyone in the medical field for your help in these times of struggle. Your commitment to helping patients in hospitals has truly made a difference and touched the lives of many. We are very grateful that you are here in these times."

"I am feeling thankful for all of the nurses and doctors out there helping us and being brave."

"I wanted to say thanks to all the hard working people providing safety, food, and help with the current situation of the world."

"Stay strong, stay healthy! Thank you for treating us and being brave!"

"A very big thank you to all our healthcare workers. You truly are heroes."
"Thank you for keeping us safe."

"We know that no industry is impacted more than the healthcare industry right now. I want to personally thank you and your staff for all you’re doing."

"To all your physicians and healthcare staff, we appreciate the sacrifices you are making to help our country get through this tough time."

"Thank you to all Massena essential medical staff!" #mcsappreciates

"Thanks to all of you for being there. Stay safe."
"Thank you all for your excellent care!"

"My heart, my thoughts and my sincere thanks are with you as you make your way through what will likely be another demanding day. Stay strong and smart as you work to get us to a better place. Your leadership, courage and perseverance will make all the difference."

"Thanks for what all of you are doing and will be doing in the future."

"Thank you St Law Health System. We’re on your side ~ We love our community."

"Thank-you everyone that has to work during these trying times."