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Testing Center Moves; Visitation Suspension

Emergency Department

Some symptoms are not to be ignored. In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Don't wait at home if you are having signs of a heart attack, stroke, or other serious illness. The Emergency Department should be your go-to for any conditions that are time-sensitive or when there is a life-threatening emergency. Visit your local hospital where our expert teams can do their jobs - it's what they do best. Our emergency departments are equipped to deal with any emergency, day or night. Our doors are always open.

Canton-Potsdam Hospital, 50 Leroy Street, Potsdam - Emergency Department and Level III Trauma Care
Gouverneur Hospital, 77 West Barney Street, Gouverneur - Emergency Department
Massena Hospital, 1 Hospital Drive, Massena - Emergency Department

If you need medical assistance, but are unsure if it calls for a trip to the Emergency Department, the following chart may help:

Urgent Care is located at 49 Lawrence Avenue, Potsdam; and 80 East Main Street, Canton

Joseph Adams FNP-C, ENP-C
Joseph Adams, FNP-C
Tiffany Bombard MD
Tiffany Bombard, MD
Matthew Cheevers PA
Matthew Cheevers, PA
Jan Close MD
Jan Close, MD - Potsdam, NY Emergency Medicine Physician - St Lawrence Health
Ryan Coates DO
Ryan Coates, DO
Don Frankel MD
Don Frankel
Rebecca Gilson MD
Rebecca Gilson, MD
Brenda J Healey MD
Brenda J. Healey, MD - Potsdam, NY Emergency Medicine Physician - St Lawrence Health
Rosemarie Heisse DO
Rose Heisse, MD
Pearl Hersh MD
Pearl Hersh, MD
Stephen P Hinman RPA-C, FAAPA
Stephen Hinman, PA
W. Jeffery Jackson RPA-C
W. Jeffery Jackson, RPA-C
Michele L Kent RPA-C
Michele L. Kent, RPA-C
Michael A Kiger RPA-C
Michael Kiger, PA
Joseph Lamb PA
Joseph Lamb, PA
Frederic Laporte MD
Frederic Laporte, MD
Meade Lent MS, FNP-C
Meade Lent, RN, BSN, NP
Mikhail Leykin DO
Mikhail Leykin, DO - Potsdam, NY Emergency Medicine Physician - St Lawrence Health
Jason D Lorenc MD
Jason D. Lorenc, MD
Samantha Lucas PA
Samantha Lucas, PA
Justin MacKinnon MD, FACEP
Justin MacKinnon, MD
Nina Maravegias MD
Ismene "Nina" Maravegias, MD - Emergency Department, Gouverneur
Jessica E Martin PA
Jessica Martin, PA - Potsdam, NY Physician Assistant - St Lawrence Health
Thomas Miglietta PA
Thomas Miglietta, PA
Matthew Morgan DO, ACEP
Matthew Morgan, DO, ACEP
Laura Mulvey MD
Laura Mulvey, MD
Heather M Munz PA-C, CAQ-EM
Heather M. Munz, PA - Potsdam, NY Physician Assistant - St Lawrence Health
William R Nostrom MSN, FNP-BC, ENP-C
William R. Nostrom, MSN, FNP-BC - Potsdam and Canton, NY Family Nurse Practitioner - St Lawrence Health
Megan O'Brien PA
Megan O'Brien, PA
Adam Quinn MD
Adam Quinn, MD
Kimberly Rice MD
Kimberly Rice, MD
Brandon Roberts MD
Brandon Roberts, MD
Jeffrey Shoub MD
Jeffrey Shoub, MD
Karl Unkenholz MD, FACEP
Karl Unkenholz, MD
Julie T Vieth MD, FAAEM, FACEP
Julie Vieth, MD, FAAEM, FACEP
Paul Walker PA
Paul Walker, PA
Samantha Williams MD
Samantha Williams, MD
Zachary Willis PA
Zachary Willis, PA
Matt Zegil NP
Matt Zegil, NP - Potsdam, NY Nurse Practitioner - St Lawrence Health