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Alert: Closures and Visitor Restrictions In Place

Communicating with furloughed employees

We are all thinking about, and empathizing with our colleagues and friends impacted by the furlough. Many of us are receiving messages or phone calls asking for status updates and guidance on next steps and timing. To help ensure we are sending consistent messaging across the System, below are answers to some FAQs we have been receiving. We will continue to add to the list as appropriate.

Please familiarize yourself with the answers and use them as guided responses. 

Furloughed Employee Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will SLHS bring staff back?
A: Some employees have returned from furlough, which naturally would lead other workers to wonder when they will be recalled. At this time, we're slowly and cautiously recalling workers, focusing heavily on clinical positions. 

Q: How will furloughed employees get updates?
A: We have released more information and refer furloughed employees to the employee resources page ( for periodic updates. 

Q: What if a furloughed employee is not getting updates?
A: Furloughed employees should actively visit the employee resources page for updates (available 24/7).
A: Furloughed employees were asked to confirm their personal contact information with Human Resources; if they did not, we may have inaccurate information on file. We recommend they contact Human Resources to update their information.