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Current Clinical Trials

For Patients

One of our experienced physicians oversees each study we conduct. We are currently offering clinical drug trials in the medical areas listed below.

To learn about each Clinical Trial, click on the name of the trial; for additional information, click on "Learn More" where indicated.


Principal Investigator: Eyal Kedar, MD
Sub-Investigators: Daniel Soule, DO
Kylie Broughal, PA
Sara Mohaddes, PA
Birinder Singh, MD, FRCPC

Learn more at Rise Above COVID.


Principal Investigator: Eyal Kedar, MD
Sub-Investigators: Elizabeth Becht, FNP
James Horrocks, PA


Ankylosing Spondylitis and Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis



Principal Investigator: Frederic Seifer, MD, FCCP
Sub-Investigator: Brenda Spurbeck, NP


Clinical Trials Coming Soon


  • Neurology: Multiple Sclerosis
  • Rheumatology: Lupus (Different from the existing clinical trial.)


Our Core Values
  • Respect for persons: each person is to be treated as an autonomous individual, with emphasis on providing informed consent that ensures the comprehension of information, and voluntary participation.
  • Beneficence: the participants’ well-being will always be held above all else. Trials will be accepted that minimize the risk, and maximize the benefits to participants, the health system, and the community.
  • Justice: one group of people shall not be more favorably selected over others. As a rural site, we are contributing to the overall justice of clinical research, by offering trials to a non-urban population. Within our county, we offer trial opportunities to all qualifying persons, regardless of sex, race, religion, culture or background.

Our core values have been adapted from the guidelines provided by the Belmont report of 1979.