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Hospital Visitation Temporarily Suspended Effective 9/8

Imaging for Cancer

Canton-Potsdam Hospital has the best-equipped imaging department in Northern New York, and is committed to treating you as quickly and as accurately as possible. When appropriate, we practice interventional radiology (a minimally invasive, image guided treatment) and nuclear medicine (using small amounts or radioactive medicine to diagnose and treat disease). We make sure our machinery does not expose patients to any unnecessary radiation and accommodates all patients comfortably. All of our specialty areas are accredited by the American College of Radiology. 

CT Scanners

Our 128 Slice CT Scanner is one of the most advanced CT scanners in the region. We use this for CT-guided biopsies. We have a second CT scanner that we use for visualizing tumors prior to radiation treatment. We also offer PET/CT scans.


We have two MRIs machines a Siemens 3-T Skyra, which is the most advanced MRI in the region, and the latest model Siemens Espree. Both are capable of providing very high‐resolution images which can detect tumors at their earliest, most treatable stage.

3D Mammography/3D Breast US

The Center for Cancer Care is the only facility in St. Lawrence County that offers 3D breast imaging, 3D mammographies can better detect breast masses, especially for women with dense breast tissue. Our 3D mammography machine, installed in 2015, captures the highest-resolution images while delivering the lowest possible radiation dose.

Doctor near an x-ray with patients
Our top-notch radiologists and imaging staff will monitor you throughout the course of your cancer treatment.

Using tests like MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, PET-CT scans, mammography, and ultrasounds, doctors can discern the extent and location of a disease, tumor size, as well as any other coexisting diseases.